Believers International School of Prayer (BISOP) was birthed on Monday January 9, 1995. It has the vision of raising up Prayer Generals with a New Testament approach to communing with God. The vision of BISOP originated from a burning desire in the heart of God’s servant, Pastor Samuel O. Osaghae, to raise up Generals in the body of Christ that can stand their ground in the face of spiritual opposition and contradictions with the instrument of prayers. This came up at a time when Christians became too dependent on their Pastors for spiritual help and would become stranded whenever their Pastor was not available to pray for them.

Over the years, the school has cut through denominational barriers to train and develop bornagain men and women that have a voice in the spiritual realm, whose decrees are obeyed without questioning and whose presence in their churches have brought about increase and rapid development. Indeed, graduates of BISOP are assets and not liabilities to their churches.








  • To teach Christians the rudiments of prayers.
  • To raise up people that will stand in the gap for families, the land and the church.
  • To help churches build an effective prayer team.
  • To enlighten Christians on the relevance, process and benefits of intercession.
  • To reduce over dependence of Christians on their spiritual leaders.
  • To train Christians on the importance, process and benefits of fasting.
  • To build a people that can dominate their world through intimacy with God.
  • To shift the hearts of Christians from the consciousness of devil, demons and enemies to the consciousness of God.





  • To grow people into the presence of God for the fulfillment of their life purpose
  • To prepare people to meet the Lord



Courses offered

  • The Concept of Prayer
  • Jesus’ Basic Teaching on Prayers
  • The Prayers of the Bible
  • Fasting
  • Intercession and the Intercessor
  • Basic Factors that Enhances or Hinders the Effectiveness of Prayers
  • Divine Intimacy
  • The Applied Theology of the Lord’s Prayer
  • The Holy Ghost and Prayers
  • New Testament Approach to Prayer Warfare
  • Exposing the Devices of Satan
  • The Prayers of Paul in Ephesians
  • Strategic End time Prayer Activity of the Church


The 2011 school session has begun. Classes hold every Saturday in the BISOP hall, 159/161 Upper Owina Street, off Agho, off Ekenwan Road, Benin City.
For details on the approved fees for the 2011 session and every other information, contact the Registrar on +2348038416007 or send an email to

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