Sometime in 2004, I woke up one day and suddenly discovered that I could no longer hear with my left ear. Although there was no pain, but no meaningful sound could come through. I went to see an ear doctor and hearing aids worth N50,000 was prescribed but since I didn’t have money, I decided to rely on God. I am a teacher and also a student, and because of this incident, I could no longer take notes in class as my lecturers were irritated by my incessant plea for repetition of what they say. I was relying on my colleagues for notes, and I also almost fell into moving cars sometimes because I couldn’t hear the car horn. Even in church, I couldn’t hear the sermons even though I sit close to the loud speakers. During the early satisfaction programme, daddy, pastor Samuel Osaghae mentioned the case of two deaf ears being healed by God. Immediately, I heard a clear sound rush into my ears and I discovered that I could now hear clearly. My ear is opened and I can now hear without hearing aids. Praise God!

Mrs. Mary Erhahon