My wife gave birth to our first child without complications. Thereafter she began to have series of miscarriages. We were not in Believers Ministries at the time. Three years after our first child, we were still trying to get the second child. When we moved to Evbotubu, my wife discovered Believers Ministries and began to attend the church. I soon joined her here. Around this time, my wife got pregnant again. When the pregnancy was five months old, my wife was told that the pregnancy did not form. We then decided to see Pastor Samuel Osaghae. As we entered his office, before we would even say anything to him, Pastor looked at us and told us we had come at just the right time to the God that repairs. Daddy asked us to go to the altar and dedicate the pregnancy to God. After we did this, we went back to the office and he ministered to my wife. My wife was slain in the spirit and there was great manifestation that indicated divine operation. At full term, my wife put to bed a bouncing baby boy to the glory of God. The same pregnancy that doctors said did not form produced our lovely baby after our encounter with God in Believers Ministries. The delivery of the baby even turned out to be the easiest my wife has ever had. After that time, my wife has never experienced miscarriage again. The God of Believers Ministries is alive.
Collins Eboh