A few years back, my wife was pregnant and in the course of the pregnancy, the doctor advised us that normal delivery was ruled out as there were complications. He told us that when we got close to the expected date for delivery, my wife would have to come into the hospital for caesarean section. He told us not to even allow my wife fall into labour as that could cost her life. One day, we were driving to our home in Evbotubu. We drove past Believers Ministries and just decided to become members. From that time, we began to attend Believers Ministries regularly and made it our Church. When my wife’s pregnancy was eight months old, we came to Church one Sunday and while ministering that day, Daddy said there was a particular pregnant woman that the Lord wanted to minister to. He asked all pregnant women to come back to church that Sunday evening so he could pray for them. We came back to Church that evening and daddy ministered to all the pregnant women. My wife’s labour began that very day. In fact, it began while we were still in Church, but because it was her first pregnancy, we did not detect on time that labour had begun. We went to the hospital the next morning. At the hospital, the doctor told us that the labour process had gone past the level that could be operated. He tried to hide his panic and just advised us to hope for the best. I did not call daddy because I believed that the ministration of the previous day was for my wife and that God had stepped in. At about 4pm that evening, to the amazement of the doctor, my wife put to bed twin babies- two bouncing baby boys to the glory of God. The delivery was normal. Our God is alive indeed and has the final say in every situation.
Bro. Ogboko Augustine