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How to Manifest your sonship

For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the son of God.Knowing how to manifest your son-ship is of course very vital to the manifestation of your son-ship of God ; because if you do not know how to arrive at a goal, you stay long in the process of trying to get there. The whole process that was supposed to be pleasurable and exciting will become boring, uninteresting, laborious and even injurious and dangerous.







Discover how to fulfil your prophecy.

The content of this book is a step by step guide to fulfilling your personal prophecies and promises in the word of God which the spirit may have quickened in your spirit. And end has come for every power causing delays to your fulfilment.



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 Dominion through intimacy with God.

There is so much in the privacy with God that cannot be imagined but personally experienced. This book teaches you how.




The secrets-of-solid-foundations









Building kingdom foundations.

Once the foundation of a building is faulty, the future of the structure is in dire uncertainty. No once can guarantee the future of a building with faulty foundation. The certainty of your future is guaranteed by the strength of your foundation. Request for the book to discover more!

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