I was married for some years without the fruit of the womb. In June 2011, I became pregnant. Few weeks later I started experiencing pain in my lower abdomen, I went to see the doctor, he started giving me injection to prevent miscarriage but it didn’t work, one day I had pain like labour pains, next thing blood started coming out of my body, we ran to see the doctor, he said we should go for a scan. When we got back with the scan result he has left asking us to see the matron, she read the result and said the case is serious that I was never pregnant, that it is a disease and it is the disease that is making me feel like am pregnant, and I should be happy that I have one child already that I might not be able to get pregnant again. My husband was confused. We went to see another doctor who said it was fibroid. I rejected the two diagnoses. When I got home I decided to goggle the disease she said I had. Every symptom they wrote I don’t feel or experience. I showed my husband. I told him I’m not going to take the medicine and also I goggled the drugs I was given; it did not match the one I read on goggle too. So the following Sunday I went to church to present my case before God, I cried that day declaring God’s word concerning fruitfulness.
When I heard of the City Wide Miracle Crusade at Garrick I decided to come and lay my problems again to God. On my way, I started praying, declaring what I wanted from the crusade. I told God that I was going to the programme with an expectation and I will leave with my expectation. I said also that I will worship my God and dance to Him like never before. I will not care if people are there looking at me, if I have to kneel down or roll on the ground I don’t care. That day…..oh.. The praises and worship opened the doors and windows of heaven, in short heaven came down. Immediately papa entered the altar he declared that God said He is going to bless 30 women with babies, I shouted immediately that I am among. The next thing, in a split of a second I felt a baby’s kick. Ooooooh. I started crying praising God for my miracle and I held on to it even though I was expecting my period in 2 weeks time. So when the day I was suppose to see my period came, I did not see blood, I waited few more days nothing. I decided to do a test and it showed that am pregnant. Praise GOD!!! The doer of all thing, the creator, the God that makes the impossible possible. 8th August 2012 I gave birth to my beautiful princess IWINOSA. Thank you Lord.
Mrs. Grace Oke Edebiri