I contracted a venereal disease in 2000. At that time I was strongly into idolatry. I tried both native and orthodox treatment but they failed. It got to a point that I began to feel something crawling inside my body from my head to toe. At a point, I completely lost the use of my male organ. Passing out urine became a nightmare for me. At a point, I was told that my tubes had been infected. This was the same issue that killed my father. My wife was very supportive at this time, this was the only reason I did not contemplate killing myself. However, in 2012, my wife was assassinated by cultists. This was just a few months after we performed a very big and expensive ritual for our idol. I was disappointed that our god could not avert this disaster. This made me decide to turn to God. I began to attend a Church close to my house in August 2012. At this time things had gotten so rough with my family. I had serious health issues coupled with the venereal disease and my children were not doing well at all. On the 14th of February 2013, I was watching television when I saw Pastor Samuel Osaghae on screen inviting people to Believers Ministries. Something about the way he spoke touched me and I just knew that Believers Ministries Was the Church for me. Although my house is quite a distance from the church, I decided to make Believers Ministries my church. I began to attend BMI frequently. One Sunday during service, Pastor Osaghae spoke about Jesus having paid the price for our healing and freedom from every sickness. Thereafter, he prayed a general prayer for those that were sick. I received the prayer right where I was in the hall. I got home and forgot about the prayers in church. It was a few days later that I suddenly realized that I was not feeling any of the symptoms I used to feel. I checked myself and discovered that I was healed. To ice the miracle, my male organ that was dead for several years came back to life. This is still so shocking to me. After thirteen years of pain, shame and regret, I have been given a new lease of life by the Most High God operating through God’s servant, Pastor Samuel Osaghae. My joy is full indeed.
Mr. Osayande