I woke up one day and began to experience pains in my eyes. I went to the hospital and nothing definite could be diagnosed. For over a month, I kept feeling pains in the eyes and I could not see properly. I have been trying to manage it since but it has been getting worse. I was invited for Asaba Miracle Crusade and I decided to come and meet God for my healing. During the all night of the programme, Pastor prayed from the altar for all those with various diseases and sicknesses. I opened up myself for healing right where I was standing in the crowd. Suddenly, I felt something coming out of my eyes. After the prayers, I found that the pain in my eyes had disappeared, I can see very clearly now. God has healed me from this demonic eye problem that was threatening to take away my sight. I am so grateful to the Man of God and to God who sent him to us in Asaba.

Bro. Ifeanyi Ekwueme