Two months to our wedding, I noticed that I was lactating (i.e. my breast was bringing out milk). On getting to the Clinic, I was asked to go for test (CT scan and hormonal profile). The hormonal test showed that my prolactin level was very high which meant my ovulation was suppressed. Prolactin is a hormone that plays a role in fertility by inhibiting follicle stimulating hormone and gonadotrophin releasing hormone i.e it suppreses hormones that triggers ovulation and allow eggs to develop and mature. The doctor advised that I should not go ahead with the wedding because I would not be able to conceive while my prolactin level was high. I cried to the Man of God, Pastor Samuel Osaghae, about my situation. Daddy prayed with me and gave me Holy Communion and asked me to go ahead with the wedding. The wedding took place in December 2012. To the glory of God, I conceived two weeks after the wedding. Indeed, the God of Believers Ministries is a miracle worker.
Sis. Loveth E.