This devotional gives new scriptures each week for you to meditate on all through the days of that week. From the given scriptures, we obtain three ingredients:


  1. Revelation of who God is. As you study the scripture for the day, find out if there is information about any member of the Godhead. Knowing who God is gives you ingredients for worshipping Him.
  2. Revelation of who you are in Christ. As you study the scripture for the day, search for what is revealed about believers; their rights, privileges and gifts in Christ. This gives you an ingredient for thanksgiving.
  3. Responsibility placed upon you as a child of God. As you study the scripture for the day, find out if there is an instruction or expectation of believers. Ask for grace to carry out this instruction.


There may be revelations in the scripture being studied that have not been pointed out; you should write them down as you discover them.


The uniqueness of this devotional is that your study does not end at just discovering these three important ingredients; it requires that your discovery fill your heart all day long, hence, the name: Believers Daily Meditation. You are required to keep pondering on your discovery from that scripture until all you have discovered becomes a part of you.


For your study to be impactful, apart from this book, you will also need the following:

  • A complete Bible
  • A note book
  • A writing pen


Preparedness to write provokes utterance. God does not waste revelation; He only speaks to those that will make use of the information He gives to them. One way He can be sure you will not forget what He reveals to you is if you write down His revelation as He speaks to you. When you come to God prepared to document revelation and instruction, He will speak unhindered.


Apart from the three ingredients we discover from the scripture of study each day, there are other sections of the devotional we are to also pay attention to each week as they too are important ingredients to a successful walk with God. These sections include: Practicing the Consciousness of God’s Presence, Knowing the Defeat of the Devil, Love Reference, Our Fellowship With The Holy Spirit, Fear Not, Intercession, Evangelism/Soul Winning, and Are You Ready For The Coming of The Lord.


Also, Prophetic New Testament Prayer points are given at the end of each day’s study to help you pray effectively.


One of the glories of meditation is in sharing your benefits with someone. This will keep the revelation you discover with you and help you to practice it. This study will be more profitable if on a daily basis you share what you have studied with others. Remember, we are under instruction to exhort one another daily. Hebrews 3:13, Exodus 34:34, Matthew 28:20.


Daily talk to God about people and talk to people about God


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