My name is Mrs. Mary Ugolo, I live in Warri. My husband and I have been receiving death threats because of a failed business deal. It all started when my husband invited a friend to help manage a small company in Warri. The partner embezzled a huge sum, so the company became bankrupt. As a result of this, my husband was unable to pay back the loans collected from bank and a few friends. These people began to go after my husband despite his frantic efforts at repaying the loans installmentally. I cried day and night because of the challenge. We had to run from Warri. I came to Benin to stay with my brother, Evang. Felix Ophori while my husband moved to Abuja where he was pursuing a new contract and payment for a completed job. Both were long overdue. My brother took me to see his Pastor, Pastor Samuel Osaghae on Sunday 4th August 2013. After I told daddy what we were going through, he instructed me to fast the following day and pray for favour. As I fasted the next day, I saw daddy twice in a trance praying for me. I began to thank God, declaring that my testimony must appear in the church bulletin, and from then, my countenance was no more sad. Meanwhile, as I was fasting in Benin, my husband called me from Abuja to tell me that he had a trance too. In his trance, he saw a skeleton-like woman walk out of his body and also saw his files flying in the right direction from table to table. In the afternoon of the following day, my husband called to inform me that the long awaited payment had been paid the previous day during my fasting. Also, the file for the new contract he was expecting was now being considered with speed. Help me thank God almighty for using His son, my daddy- Pastor Samuel Osaghae, to bless my husband and I. Jesus Christ is Lord forever, amen.
Mrs. Mary Ugolo