I have been hearing of miracles but have never really experienced one as awesome as this. I was married for four years and for four years of marriage, I was unable to get pregnant. My joy in the marriage was no longer full as people around began to look at me strangely. Although my husband was supportive, I was apprehensive anytime members of his family visited us. I began to pray day and night for a miracle. I began to call upon the God that did that of the Olagbegis to do my own. In January 2011, I met with my Pastor- Pastor Samuel Osaghae. After I narrated my ordeal and told him the desire of my heart, he prophesied on me that in three months time, I would be pregnant. I claimed the prophecy and did according to what daddy always preaches: Believe the prophecy and say it over and over again. I began to say it over and over again, calling to manifestation in my life that which God’s servant had prophesied concerning me. True to the words of Pastor Osaghae, before the completion of the three months, I became pregnant. After nine months of my pregnancy, I was delivered of twins- a boy and a girl. Now my joy is complete. God has wiped my tears away and given me beauty for ashes. Join me celebrate the God of Pastor Samuel Osaghae.
Mrs. Kate Omoregie