After our marriage, my wife and I expected to start having children immediately, but after a few months, nothing was happening. We waited patiently for the first one year, and when there was no change, we decided to go for medical tests. Test results showed that my wife was okay but that I had low sperm count. We decided to try another hospital for test as I did not believe the report of the first hospital. At the second hospital, test showed this time that I had NO sperm count. We went to a third one and this one also showed that I had NO sperm count. I was confused and very embarrassed and decided to come to see our Father in the Lord- Pastor Samuel Osaghae. We told the situation to Pastor and he encouraged us to attend the programme- ‘Marriage and Babies For All’ which was just a few weeks away at the time. We attended that programme and God visited us. Few weeks after the programme, my wife began to experience symptoms of pregnancy. We went for test and discovered that she was pregnant. Seven months into the pregnancy, scan revealed a medical condition known as Placentapivia- a situation where the placenta is below the baby. We again came to daddy to seek God’s help. Daddy ministered to my wife and she was slain in the spirit. While she was on the ground, we physically saw a movement in her stomach as the placenta changed to the correct position. When she went for scan later, scan revealed that the placenta and the baby were now in the correct position. My wife had a normal delivery and today I am a proud father of a baby girl to the glory of God.
Pastor James Ogbe